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Hi, Im looking for an evergreen clematis in the vitacella range, can anyone recommend one, it must be a vigourous grower as I want to plant it at the base of a quarry wall to grow up to add colour to the slate and greenery already there. Thank you.


Snap Dove 



Is cirrhosa evergreen? my leaves brown off from cold in winter and heat or dryness in siummer so I've never been sure. I wonder why I keep it. The flowers aren't that great or reliable


I've never grown a cirrhosa so no experience - I had been wondering about one on our back fence between the ash trees - it's a possibility. 


Mine's in very stiff soil, impoverished by the catalpa. Not surprised it doesn't do well

Cirrhosa Freckles is evergreen and can flower from Autumn through to Spring

Nutcutlet, I'm taking you at your word . My armandii seems to have disappeared this year - it's 2nd year. I'll keep my fingers crossed it will rise from the ashes!


Just a baby Quercus. if it doesn't rise from the ashes soon it's a gonna. Too long ago to remember now but mine may have had some easy winters getting established. . A winter ago we had -15C and it was in a poor state at the end of it. I cut it right back and it regrew, a shadow of it's former self. Suffered a bit this winter but nothing like as much. 

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