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I brought this plant two Augusts ago and plonked it in a pot that you can now see its getting far too big for! When I brought it it was flowering purple / pink little flowers in balls - similar to chives.

Now I made a point of sinking all the plant labels into the soil with the plant so this situation wouldn't happen - but try as I might I just can't find the label for this one!

I need to repot it (don't know whether it'd be better off in the ground) and would like to know whether I could divide it somehow. If anyone could identify it so I could research what it likes / dislikes before I get the trowel out I'd be terribly grateful!


Is it a real  grass Clari ?

What sort of flowers has it got?


Armeria maritima perhaps?


It sounds like thrift as fleurisa says. not a grass.


That looks like the one Fleurisa! Or if not very similar. I didn't realise it wasn't a proper grass as such - all I can remember is that was the "section" I pulled it from at the garden centre! (Went for lots of grasses as my partner has awful hay fever so I wanted as much texture and height as possible with minimal flowers).

Thanks ever so much. At least I know now what kind of sunlight levels it likes before I find it a new home.



(Not to mention get a plant label in it quick so I don't forget again!!)

Oh, I have to agree it is armeria, thrift.

It grows on clifftops, etc down here.  It likes dry sunny conditions. ,better in the ground where it will make nice mounds or even carpets.  I divide mine in early can pot them up or plant out but I prefer to let them grow on in pots before planting out.

There are some nice varieties.....white flowered, Pink or red and variegated but they all like the same comditions.  Yes, I guess they do look a little like grasses


Verdun - how is best to divide these? Do I just put a spade through the middle?

Sorry if it sounds a bit thick but that's all I have done in the past but its there's a better way I'd love to try it.

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