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Hi, my Mum has had this bush/tree ruined by one of her "gardeners"

It wasn't in great condition anyway, but I know the brown bits probably wont be covered up by any new growth.


Two things, I would like to know what it is, Mum can't remember.... & what could she replace it with. It really is quite ugly now.


It's south facing, the soil is rubbish!!




Conifer of some kind Chris - but there are so many it's hard to say. The brown bits won't grow back so it's better to remove it and put something else in. The soil will be poor because of it anyway, so you'll need some decent compost and well rotted manure to give it a boost before putting anything else in. Can you take a 'longer view' pic so that we can see what else your mum has got in there? Also - any preferences in colour, height, flowering etc. That will help with suggestions 

Oh - and make the 'gardener' pay for it I should think!


cant quite see what the situation is there but californian lilac likes poor soil and a sunny position.  Some varieties I think are evergreen and the blue flowers are beautiful in the spring.


There is a Ceanothus, self sown, in front, sort of bottom centre. There used to be one to the left of the window, it was very well established, up to the gable, then it just died.


I think that's a good option, although Mum is we need something fairly quick growing she keeps saying " I haven't got time to wait for something to mature!!"

Fairygirl least she has a sense of humour! 

I could see a Potentilla in front of the conifer, and an Eleagnus (?) or Cornus to the bottom left, so if you want something quick, without too much effort put in initially, then a Buddleia would fit the bill  

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