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Hi folks,

My wildlife pond looked very bare early spring and had very few plants for frogs newts etc to spawn in due to most being deciduous. Can anyone name me some decent evergreen oxygenators or marginal plants to add some greenery all year round?


many thanks,




Marsh marigolds are making leaves by the time the frogs turn up. Ponds are a bit bare in winter.


Frogs, certainly do not need plants to help them with spawning. Toads and newts spawn strings of eggs.  I can't remember if they attach them to water plants, but I suspect they do attach them to underwater stems.

Tadpoles appreciate plants to hide under as they develop, to protect them from getting too hot.

Water lilies are desirable; there are small-leaved ones if the pond is not very big.


There are lots of Carexes which are evergreen but I'd agree with nut about marsh marigolds. They are almost evergreen anyway, but it's not necessary for frogs to have that kind of planting as Welshonion says. A good selection of planting round the edges of the pond  and some deeper planting for hiding under at later stages is what really matters.


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