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Can anyone recommend a reasonably quick growing evergreen shrub,sunny wall.


That is a good idea, will look into it.



Or a ornamental quince, chanomeles? (sp?)


Hebe salicifolia. ,lovely evergreen foliage with white, pink or blue summer flowers.  Pittosporums.....garnetti is variegated with cream,touches of pink on an attractive light greeny/ grey looking fast growing shrub.  Has scented spring flowers too.  Choisya is evergreen, bay scented foliage, mound forming and exquisite smelling (orange/vanilla)flowers in spring and early summer.  Ome of my favourite plants looking good all year round


Are we talking about something to grow up the wall, or against it?


Choisya would be my first thought or Escallonia. Ceanothus maybe -if you like the blue flowers.

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