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had a chat with local nursery owner earlier.  She has expanded her range even more this year from an already large number of plants.  She opens officially next week and the plants we discussed made my mouth water.  lots of tender and exotic stuff of course 

anything "exciting" to add to your gardens this spring folks?  If not, go on!  Spoil yourselves 

I got vouchers at christmas for a local garden centre, they are now burning a hole in my pocket!   Can't wait to buy new plants, but trying to hold off for another few weeks until i've tidied up the flower beds.....and possibly extended some of the beds I made last year   


We'll be going to the Malvern Spring Show in May, hoping to find some exciting plants there. A couple of years ago I fell for a gorgeous red clematis called "Rebecca", but I couldn't buy anything because I was flying back to France. This time we'll have the car.


I am going to try a Tetrapanax in my tropical bed this year.


I tried to get a T rex but everywhere was out of stock last year. Do you know any available, punkdoc?



Paddocks have sold them in the past, but not until late Spring.


Been perusing the clematis sites as I need 'a few'.

I need them, you understand - not just want them....

They're vital....


This year I plan to add some saffron crocus. Mmmmmm my mouth is watering already. Have a place for them already but can't buy corns until high summer.

Not particularly exotic but exciting for me is that I have my raised vegetable beds ready for the first time this year so perhaps some cabbages!!!

Fairy, I understand totally.  It was IMPERATIVE for me to add clematis and honeysuckles over past 2 months.  Had no choice!!   As you so rightly said, they were VITAL   Careful, buy one and you will buy 2;  buy 2 and......... I bought a few 

Thorncroft were excellent.  Superb quality plants delivered in a day or so...they advise exactly when.  Taylors too of course.

Always "exciting" when new plants do their thing........

Peggy in Texas

I planted a Lamb's Ear this year.  I adore the soft, fuzzy leaves!  I have read it has medicinal uses, and have already had occasion to test that out.  A small insect stung me the other day.  It was on my curtains in the living room (lounge) so I swept it up to throw it outside.  Had a slim body and long legs.  Well, it stung the base of my finger right off before I even made it to the front door!   Little bugger. As painful as a bee sting, it was and really reddened and swelled up immediately.  So I went outside, ripped off 1 leaf of my Lamb's Ear, rinsed/moistened it and wrapped it around my finger for 15 minutes.  The sting was gone in 10 minutes.    :)

Ooh peggy that sounds painful, we have a dear friend in Mineola,Texas🙂

Exciting, absolutely, inbought several clematis last year, so looking forward to them this summer. I think thorncroft is near me in norfolk must take a closer look😉 I would feel guilty about my precious purchases but i work hard and sold my horse last year, so that eases the guilt somewhat.......keep posting your purchase plans, we can pick up ideas from others😉


I hope you don't miss your horse too much, Loana. My 2 girls are too old to sell now, they will stay in the paddock until they die and I'm getting too arthritic to ride.

Peggy, that's useful to know, I knew about dock leaves and stings but not Lambs Ears. I have them in the garden.


Lots of horse riders here! I'm at the other end of the scale. Settling into work and raising a young family. When we've enough ££'s and the children a little older I'm looking to get back into riding.

The love of the garden and horses must go hand in hand. Am sure your horse is settled in their new family Loana. Wishing you all a happy retirement Lizzie.

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