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Mostly succesful. ordered the new foxglove last year and finally got them a month or so ago. Have only lost one and that was my fault because i forgot to water them. Havnt got my head into watering mode yet. Have sent off for the geranium offer today to share with my mun

hollie hock

I got the 36 perenial order from T&M last year, after I got over the shock of how tiny they were and a lot of growing on, I guess the price was adequate....but don't think I would do the same again. Think I could have got the same results from growing from seed. I also got the snowdrops in the green last year from them as well, didn't think the bulbs looked that great. Looked at the offer this year and now dispatch isn't until Sept, doesn't sound in the green to me.


I agree with you HH, besides, September is hardly the time to be able to "...plant in the green(recommended) ; as by then the bulbs are going into dormancy. These mail order retailers are taking us for a ride. What applauds and surprises me even more is that GWM is encouraging them by participating with them.


Maybe T&M are taking the advise of the RHS who have gone off the idea of planting in the green because of root disturbance, they transplant theirs now when they are dormant. Did anyone see that on Nations favourite blooms?


I've stopped buying these offers, the mixed results and often very poor results mean it's a waste of money. I'd rather spend the £4.95 postage at my local shop and some plants that are well established and worth buying. T&M are the main culprits, the offers from the nurseries are worth the money, but not T&M.

Steve 309

I bought the 'free' tomatoes and peppers back in March.  They arrived at the end of April but my attention wasn't drawn to them (despite repeated requests) for three weeks by which time the tomatoes had all succumbed.  The peppers were on their last legs but I've managed to resurrect them and they're doing fine now.  All the plants were tiny - little more than seedlings and not, imho, suitable for posting.  They were, SweetPea, little rectangular plugs in a plastic tray in a cardboard sleeve.

Mind you, my view might be different if I'd got hold of them when they arrived!

I got the free lavender plants and fuschias last year from GW also free fuschias and petunias this year, they arrived v well packaged and in excellent condition, ok they were small but that's to be expected but they r all growing well. I've no complaints about them and I think they were all from T&M!


I, along with several others here, have ordered the "free" lavender plants this year. It is going to be interesting to see what size / condition they're in when they arrive.

Certainly I do not expect them to be of any size that would withstand being outside this year / winter.

I kept last years lavender plants outside, tho mild winter, I have no greenhouse, I could do with one. I've just bought a plastic one to put me on. They have grown well but still small, my sister has informed me that she has flower spikes on hers, I havn't looked that closely and eye sight isnt brill. Hope everyone's arrive looking as good as mine did! I havn't had any problems at all with T&M but that my experience and we all evidently have different.

Shrinking Violet

I ordered free lilies from a Daily Telegraph offer, and was tempted at the same time to order five dark burgundy ones.  There was a terrible delay in their being sent - didn't arrive until May.  I potted them up - and some are showing good growth.  Whether or not they will flower this year is debateable, given the lateness of planting.

Not the suppliers' fault, but two out of five were chomped by slugs, so only three potential flowers.  And I hadn't realised until after I had planted them that they had sent "Black Charm" rather than "Black Night" (leastways, that's what I think they were meant to be - I can't put my hands on the original order).

The free lilies are showing a bit of growth - but only about half of them are doing anything.  I don't think I'll be seduced by such offers again. And it was T & M who seem to be behind a lot of these "offers"

Steve 309

'Yer gets wot yer pays for' seems to be the moral here.

Shrinking Violet

Indeed, Steve - If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.  Ah, well, we all have to learn the lesson, albeit rather late in life for me. 

Better to buy quality locally than hope for anything from one of these "deals".  What a shame - gardeners would be singing the praises of a company than lived up to the hype - and the best form of advertising is word of mouth (or word of message board in this case).

I wonder if the company/ies involved will ever learn that lesson?




We have a thread called the Good Guys, dunno if people have seen it ? Where members recommend good and trusted suppliers, worth a look


Singing Gardener

I took up several GW magazine offers over the last year and most are doing well. They included 2 lots of 3 clematis and the 24 strawberry runners and all of them are looking good though the clematises did need a bit of nurturing. I was less happy with the autumn raspberry offer. The 3 canes I planted in the autumn got off to a very slow start in the spring and are still much less advance than the 9 canes which I paid for and planted in the spring. But they did get very water-logged over the winter which might explain why they're not happy.

Busy Bee2

Oh gosh!  Kind of glad I didn't read this before, because I ordered the bulbs last autumn - queen of the night and ballerina tulips - and they have been absolutely stunning, to the point where I am planning to source some more for my new borders for next spring.  I just ordered the lavenders, because I do have a use for them, but it is the first time I have ordered the free plants.  (Although I had some perennials from a different supplier last year that I paid for, which were small, but mostly growing well now they have established).  I will report back on the lavenders then - it will be interesting to see what we all get.  I always thought that it wasn't so much the suppliers palming off too much stock, as a way for them to increase their target market with new names and addresses to send the catalogues to. 


Hi I got 72 free petunias with an order from Van Meuwan, The have all survived and have been divided with family, However I also got 50 freesia bulbs of which only about 15 have come up. you win some you lose some

Orchid Lady

I ordered those free perennials, and although they took a while to come and were very tiny (smaller than what I would class as plug plants really), I repotted them straight away and now have lovely plants which are growing really well in 10cm pots.  I posted somewhere a week or so ago what to do with them and I am going to put half in the garden and keep half in pots to see if there is any difference in results.  Overall I'm really pleased with them for £5.95.

I have also ordered the lavender and if they grow as well as the perennials I will be pleased .

I also ordered the tulips and they were fantastic, it's the first time I've grown tulips (yes really!) and they were beautiful, I posted some pics on here somewhere.  I will definitely get tulips if they are on offer again.

The strawberry plants are growing really well, but no flowers therefore no fruit and not sure why?? 

Green Magpie

I ordered the free perennials in the autumn/winter of 2012. They were very tiny and I didn't want to have to nurture them all through the winter, so I put them out in the beds, but very few survived and they were all feeble.

Last autumn I ordered the three free clematis. They were also very tiny, in little plugs with only a few centimetres of top growth. The instructions were to plant them out at the time, but I knew they would just get lost or eaten by snails, so I left them in a sheltered corner. I planted them out (still tiny) early in the spring, and found that they had quite strong, healthy roots. I am happy to report that all three have shot up into proper grown-up plants now and look as if they'll do well.