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Hi there,

Can anyone help identify this plant please?

We recently cleared an overgrown border of weeds & grass and this has sprung up. Very fast growing - in both height and spread - although it looks like ground cover.

Many thanks in advance,


In New Zealand it's called the fanny plant. when you see the flowers you'll see why.

Just remembered its polite name, Cerinthe.


Cerinthe major purpurascens. it has purple bells the bees love. These may overwinter in a mild climate to flower early next year.

Thank you so much - that's really help - though giggling at nickname. 

Thanks again



anyone know how to stop my plants being ate, i'm new to gardening, got some nice new flowers from the lake district with big bright flowers, two weeks later the big leaves are full of holes!, help  


smiler1 not knowing what your plants are I would think maybe slugs or snails. Can you post a picture for us so we can tell what the plants are and to see the damage ?  If not I would put a few slug pellets around the plants, not a lot, and see if you have any evidence of the culprits the next morning. 

I've replied to move this back up the forum. Maybe if you posted a new thread you'd get more replies.

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