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I planted a Fatsia japonica for a client a few months ago and all that remains is a stalk. It's been completely stripped of leaves and the growing point nibbled off. Has anyone else seen this? I personally didn't think it was attractive to anything. 


Rabbits are not supposed to eat Fatsia. Neither are deer. BUT they will eat them if sufficiently hungry.

Must be starving then, a 4ft plant stripped bare. 


Jeez Dave - never heard of anything stripping a Fatsia. I'd have suggested deer too, because of the amount of damage they can do quickly, but you'd think there would be other, tastier specimens for them to eat before they'd take that.

Is anything else damaged or eaten?


Dave Morgan.    Iv had the same problem.   My plant is a small variagated type in a pot, new this year.   Something has been chomping away at it since summer.  Can't find anything in the top of pot.   Could it be earwigs ?    Never known one being eaten before,   


Ihave something stripping all the leaves off three expensive fatsias and they havnt even eaten the leaves ,just stripped one down to a bare stalk. Im trying to save the other two by putting dog poo and obstacles all around so far its working but I am gutted as I love them and hence bought three! Any other ideas welcome. I think I have a resident badger could he/she be guilty?


Any deer in your area?  I know they're not supposed to like fatsia, but they don't read the books ... 


Badgers do not normally eat  leaves. They are omnivores, but usually go for bulbs rather than leaves.

Is it next to afield with a horse in it? Friends of ours have been suffering all sorts of damage this way. The horse just leans over the fence & chews anything it can reach.

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