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I hope so. Chosen for scent, mixed with clematisI shall have to see


Rose lady


I hope my Madame AC looks like the one in your garden. I planted mine in the front garden up against a wall. Cant wait for it to do its magic

hollie hock

Favourite plants, too many to mention, just like favourite tracks, albums, books or films.

My favourites this year has been Snapdragons, for ease of growing from seed, colour, long lasting and all the fat bumblies. Also Cosmos Purity for it's height, also Scabious,Clary sage, Bowles Mauve wallflowers....... I could go on

French beans (runners) and fuschias and I love my tomatoes, so do my family!

has anyone heard of using soot from a coal fire chimney around their roses to acidify the soil and stop blackspot in roses?

its an old victorian tip, ive never tried it as i dont grow roses but id heard its great for killing off the blackspot spores in the soil

I would be interested to know if anyones tried it and what sucess they have had



flowering rose

I heard that it scares cats away from your plants .

Rose lady

It works!!! I scattered it around my rose hedge in the front two spring seasons ago, and I have had clear green leaves. I plan to do the same next year. Soot does provide acidity, and roses do like slightly acid soil. Infact the idea was brought over from India during the Raj.

I love blue flowers. We have a wood quite near and each year we go for a walk when the bluebells are out. Absolutetly beautiful


I have an old gardening book that I am exploring (no index) and today i found it suggests soot as an insect repellant though I haven't found which insects yet.

Hello all

what a lot of plants too choose from may be I should of asked for this year, may of made it a bit easier to pick, like the picture Busy-Lizzie

I have a margaret merril rose which is a small cream/ white colour and very scented. I also brought lots of achillleas as well this year - nutcutlet,  lots of nice colours in this plant and good for bees and butterflies. French beans also like.

You can pick a few plants you like as your favourite plant . Nice to see that all different plant are liked. 

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

My favourite garden flowers are roses. Favourite wild flower is bluebell - oh the scent of an English bluebell wood. Favourite vegetable is runner bean - pretty to look at, fun to pick and tastes delicious. Photo of rose Madame Alfred Carrière in my garden.

Oh Busy-Lizzie,, I had to quote your post so I don't have to keep going back to look at your lovely garden, between you and Lavender Lady's lovely garden I have many an adoring stare at the puter screen, its beautiful.

I like columbines and campanulla, I also have an evergreen sea holly which is very stricking. 



Thank you for your kind comments. Here is a photo of Paul's Scarlet which I planted in 1991 for my 1st husband Paul (he died 14 years ago). It makes a lovely splash of colour but has no scent and only flowers once, although over a longish period. Please excuse the dustbin and the bucket!

I like columbines and campanula too, but then I like most flowers.


Asilvert, if you like evergreen sea hollies take a look at eryngium Jade Frost. I have it and it is SUPERB. Variegated foliage and fantastic shade of blue flowers all summer
My favourite flower has to be the fuchsia, any one, the more I can grow the happier I am. As regards fruit and veg, I like onions and tomatoes. I put my onions in my flower beds as my garden is not too big, and their leaves form a lovely contrast to the other plants, which are usually fuchsias.
Just noticed a lot of new posters on this forum with strange names. Don't really believe in father Xmas but could this mean he has already arrived with his elves....maybe got my presssie? I'm getting excited now!


You really should always believe, then your dreams might come true!

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