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Help needed from someone who knows roses.  In February 2012 I was lucky to be able to get some old roses from my late mum's garden and so planted them in my garden.  Most of them had been in mum's garden for many many years.  They seemed to settle well in their new home.  I have two questions:  I think one is at the end of it's life and don't know what to do.  The other - I'd love someone to tell me what 'kind' of rose it is (bush, floribunda - whatever).  I know absolutely nothing about roses and to be honest I'm nervous doing anything with them.

Here is the one which I think is at end of life.  It produced one  green stalk with one bloom on the end - it bloomed 27th June 2012, lasted 8 days and that was it.  The other stems look dormant to me.  I'm wondering whether 'that's it' - dig it out and dispose of - or what?  I'm sentimental about having these roses of course - but wonder if it's the real end of the line for this one.



 This is it today.  Would be great if anybody knows what it's called - although I'm supposing roses are extremely difficult to identify.  It only had a very light perfume, nothing that you'd notice.


Thanks for any advice.  Second rose question coming below.



This is another rose which came from my late mum's garden.  Planted Feb 2012.  Started blooming late July and carried on until January 2013.  I love it, but wasn't sure how it ought to 'stand'.  It's over 5 foot high and the stems each had around 20 flower buds on.  The stalks from the ground lean over like a weeping willow.  I wasn't sure if I ought to have left them leaning all over the place - so you can see I put a few canes around it to prop it upright.  I maybe shouldn't have done this.  It bloomed heavily but maybe it's supposed to 'weep' to bloom best?  I was told it's a 'floribunda' and having looked at rose books - I'm still not sure.  I don't have a name for it either.  So here's the pics.  Any advice on whether to let it 'weep' - or anyone have type of rose and name - would be really grateful. Pics from earliest bloom in July 2012 - time before it really went mad with blooming.  Was lovely.






!st one is a hybrid tea

2nd one is lovely, Get a specilist rose feed and give it a feed now and adollop of compost/manure. Roses are hungry especially one that has flowered so much.

Cut out all dead wood and prune branches down by about a third. Cut out any weak and spindly growth as well. 

Just enjoy it and don't worry about the variety.

Test the other one by giving a small scrape on a main stem and see if it is green underneath. Or just lleave it for a while and see what happens - how I do a lot of my gardening.


Apologies for yet another question to you all - but whilst I'm on a rose roll I might as well ask.  Planted two potted up roses from B&Q last week.  They are labelled 'Fragrant Rose 'Snow White', says grows to around 80cm max with 60 cm max width.  I wanted to see what this rose looks like when mature but haven't been able to find it anywhere - though of course I could easily have missed it on net searches.  Does anybody know this rose?  I only have the label picture and I'm assuming it breaks advertising restriction to put photo of the label on here.

Thanks for your patience reading these three posts.



The first one has had it I am afraid-those are just dead stems-no sign of life.



Hi Rosa.  Thanks for reply.  The first three pictures in the first post are the same rose - which Geoff (like myself) considers past its time.  But, I will scrape and see if there is anything under the dead stems - just in case there's a chance of life!  . It was a surprise last Spring when the one green shoot appeared and later bloomed with the single rose you see in the two pictures. But I suppose as there were only two 'leaves' to speak of under the rose - that it's exhausted itself.  Glad to get 'hybrid tea' description from you.  Thanks.  Glad also Rosa that you suggested cutting the bushy one down by a third - did that a couple of days ago getting rid of a few crossed-over stems and tiny skinny ones as well.   Will be attending to feeding very soon - when I can stand the chilly breezes!  Thanks both of you for responding.



If you can bear it people - here are photos of the other roses.  All took a while to settle and a couple had terrible mildew but came on when I cleared everything from around them.  If anyone knows any names - would be great - though as you say Rosa the name doesn't matter.  I'm just so glad that the actually survived being moved from another part of the country to my garden.






Many of the roses from supermarkets & large GCs have 'unofficial' names and will be normally known by other names when sold elsewhere (they may be contracted to do this to avoid undercutting prices which their suppliers normally recommend for their named varieties.)  There is no easy way to find out the 'real' name, but in my experience the supermarkets use names loosely based on the 'official' names, so you have to do a bit of guessing when doing searches.  Once they flower, it becomes a little easier.


They are lovely Yarrow.  You must have a good touch (rose fingers) to make them come so well 


BobTheGardener - thanks for the reply.  Understand what you're saying.  I remember a presenter once suggesting that with all plants it's wiser to buy them where you get all the detail of what the plant is, species name or whatever.  I'm often tempted though to buy the occasional thing if the price seems good (two for one for instance) and I fall for that thing of being impressed by the tiny photograph of a bloom - which I suppose gives more of an impression of a bloom as opposed to how the plant will look when it actually grows.

Rosa - last year was the first time I had the roses in the garden so I have no past experience with them whatsover.  I think luck and a little general pampering was on my side last year.

Dovefromabove - thanks for the link.  I had thumbed through an extremely large book of roses and looked at various internet sites and of course the one you have highlighted would have been the obvious one to consult.  Coral Flower Carpet is a match I agree.  Thanks so much for that.  It's a great site.  I spent ages just drooling over the collection of roses on the website.

flowering rose

hi,I have roses which my mum had in her garden over 20years ago.The one you have in the photo I have and have just recently taken more cuttings (which are doing well)and others which I have taken cuttings and still growing on.The original ones after a good many years became ragged so I took cuttings to carry on the line and I have got plants and roses my mother had and given also.Its rather nice to have a living memory of her still growing on.

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