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I need ideas for a feature tree in my front garden. I am aiming for a formal/minimal look. It is a square plot which i have barked over and planted lavendar around the edge and hebes in the centre. I am going to then plant bulbs for interest through the year. But i need a feature tree for the centre. I originally planned a rowan but am worried it will be boring in the winter.


Try one of the red stemmed acers such as Sango Kaku - lovely fresh foliage in spring with good autumn colour and then the red stems all winter.   Or how about acer griseum - snake bark maple or the ornamental cherry with rich, mahogany bark in winter - prunus serrula.

If you go for sorbus kasmiriana it will have pale pinky white berries that stay on the tree a long time because the birds don't eat them until late on.

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