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We have a well in the middle of our drive with a teeny, narrow bed round the sunnier side of it.  We know nothing has been fed, watered or otherwise tended in the garden for at least 3 years before our arrival so please, do you think these are feeble, unfed hyacinths or naughty Spanish bluebells?

We're planning to dig everything out anyway, remove the ghastly concrete and re-point the stones then widen the bed and improve the soil to put back the plants as there are some lovely autumn and spring daffs in there plus cyclamen.


They look identical to some Spanish b.b's I have just been trying to dig out !!


I think those are Spanish bluebells - this is definitely a feeble hyacinth that's been planted out some years now


It just looks to have a different growth habit to the ones in your pic ... and in my experience hyacinths don't multiply like Spanish bluebells do ... from the way yours are packed together they look to have multiplied fairly prolifically.  


spanish blue bells 100%.


OK.  Thanks.   I thought they might be but have never had them before so wanted to check.



Looking forward to seeing the refurbished wellhead 


Me too.  Some bozo has covered a stone well in nasty concrete rather than point it properly.   It's smack in the middle between the gates and the house so needs to be prettied up I think.

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