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Have got 2 buckets of ash from chiminea burns - would this replace the need for Tomato Fertiliser (high in potash) for my greenhouse toms and peppers.  If so, what quantities to use for big pots and should it be dissolved in water first?  Usually just scatter it on flower beds.

Any comments or suggestions gratefully accepted.


Depends on what you burn in the chiminea. I wouldn't use coal ash.

 Wood or charcoal ash is useful spinkled under fruit trees and bushes in spring.

Keep it dry until you are ready to sprinkle it.

 I personally wouldn't use it in the greenhouse, I prefer comfrey mix for toms.


You can use a bit of wood ash,apparently it's good for raspberries too, but tomatoes will need tomato fertiliser as well, more balanced for them.

Thanks both of you, it is wood ash and I usually scatter it around my rasps and roses, will keep the tom fertiliser for its proper use!!

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