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Highland Jeannie

I have a couple of little pots of crocus that I'd planted up for indoors which have now finished flowering (and various other bulbs that are still flowering).

What's the best thing to feed them with now?




I plant mine in the garden when the weather is OK to work in and I dig in a bit of general organic fertiliser.

flowering rose

when they have finished flowering ,i let the green leaves die back then put into the garden or into bucket of earth for next year(keeping out doors and watered)but to be honest it is best to put in the garden .

Highland Jeannie

Thanks, I was thinking of planting them out later, but thought that now they've finished flowering they had to be fed before the foliage dies down?

Alina W

You should plant them out immediately they've finished flowering. I know there's talk of cold shock and the frost harming them, but believe me, I've been doing this for years and all the bulbs have thrived - and my windowsills haven't been cluttered up with sad, dying, bulbs. Feed with a high potash fertilizer outside.



Mine go in the garden when they're over, then I can forget about them. I'd probaly forget about them anyway and that way they're OK

Highland Jeannie

Cheers folks, the forecast isn't too cold so I'll plant them out asap.

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