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Afternoon all

I have 3 or 4 clematis plants crawling over my pagoda at the bottom of my garden. I have a north facing garden and was just wondering if there's anything I could give them to help them along this spring/summer!

Any help appreciated.




Blood, Fish and Bone now, and then tomato feed when growing strongly.


That would do but if they're a bit feeble I'd also give them a liquid feed now as a tonic.  You can also buy specialist clematis feed.  i've just been out doing some of mine and will get to the rest in the next coupple of days.

Mrs MacGregor

Oh - mine are in bud and I'm late to feed - will this harm?


I feed mine in early spring and then again at intervals till they flower.  Never had problems with bud drop.



Feed all mine with Tomato liquid I have over 80 different one's & still collecting more


Pete - I have between 40 and 50 depending on how many come through this winter.  Until I found the clematis food on sale here recently I'd always fed mine with BF&B or pelleted chicken manure and liquid tonics of rose or tomato food.  Works well for me.

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