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Bunny ...
When is the time to start feeding , mine are shooting , bush one doesn't look happy (probably the snow that was heaped on it) but rambler is away..?

After pruning in a few weeks is when I do mine-what you don't want is a spurt of growth that gets hit back by a hard frost-there is still plenty of winter to come-in my experience February is the worse month weather wise


Bunny ...
Ok thanks I shall wait .

We have lots of horse manure. Do I need potash to balance it out? Put lots of manure on the roses. Heard too much manure may not be advantageous. We live 1100 ft up.

I like manure ( well mixed with straw) to rot down for a while, myself. Some people do put it straight on the soil and I know someone who swears it kills nettles, but it stinks and if it does kill nettles, it won't do much good for young plants.


Thank you Posy,  Manure is well rotted, do I need anything else for roses? 

Archers a proprietary rose feed is good, it contains essential trace elements, a handful per rose in spring followed by another handful after the first flush of flowers encourages more .

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