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I bought a holly shrub a Ferox Argentea.  It has dark green leaves with a cream border.  It  is unusual in that it has spikes on top of the leaves.  I think it is a male plant but I  am not  sure. There are no flowers on it or any buds.  Is there a female holly I could I could buy to get berries?  Or maybe  the Ferox is female and needs a male.  Any ideas, please?


Golden King is a female. Silver queen is male. (I know!!!)

Ilex ferox argentea (hedgehog holly) doesn't flower for me either.


I think it is difficult to distinguish until the autumn when the female has berries.

It might be self fertile and then you will never know.

Thank you both. I will just have to patient and see


Ferox argentea is a male holly so it won't have berries, however its flowers will pollinate a female variety of holly



Very patient dunkie37.

The sex cannot be determined until the plants begin flowering, usually between 4 and 12 years of age.


I stand corrected. Thanks again Dove.


I think its very shy though. I have never seen flowers on mine, male or female.

Thanks everyone.  The male plant is quite colourful anyway.  I will try the website from Dovefromabove just to see.


I think its a good plant even without berries.

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