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Re birdies!  yes I feed and water them every day - I have a flock of juvenille starlings (approx 50 of them!!) that I've been watching grow up plus all sorts of other birdies, goldfinches,greenfinches, all types of tits, sparrows, blackbirds, wood pigeons, collared doves etc etc.  They all get a big handful of meal worms chucked over the grass in the morning before work - garden sometimes resembles scene from Hitchcock's The Birds!   Not tried feverfew for a headache - Does it really work Reb4? x

I have found that it does work, but it may be placebo effect. I have munched of it for years and would always grow it. 

50 starlings!

Feverfew is a lovely easy plant and it also it is supposed to have medicinal properties good for migraine.

Hallo jean. Way out on the edge of Breckland in Suffolk - masses and masses of trees of all kinds and all very lovely and mature but of course little birdies mostly do not nest in big big trees. Mostly just the various Tits here but also W/peckers, Robins,occasional Dunnock, Blackbird and of course Doves and Pigeons. Never see any Gold or Greenfinches, only Chaffinches ( nice as they are of course) and worst of  all no Song Thrushes.

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