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the seeds you sent me 2 years ago. I have a tiny pink flower

Thank you



Mine has babies all around it. Maybe they will flower next year. The original plant flowered earlier this year.

How about this one...

quite a bit taller though. I think the scillifolia have to go front of border. They will self seed into shady gravel.


That's lovely

Another one to seed into my drive, the best seed bed around.

I've got lots of cautleyoides seedlings coming along as well, year 3 I think, potted on early this year


I have some in pots,a bucket full by the back door at the moment. In pots I think they need some protection in winter.  I have had different Roscoeas in flower since July, starting with Kew Beauty, then various purpureas, red ghurka, scillifolia,pink and a dark purple form. they are all in a bed on their own. They come up so late,I always think I've lost them.


They're lovely plants, I'm developing a taste for them and it's all your fault

The ones in pots go in the cold GH soon.



Mine have done well again this year, but as you say it's really easy to damage them as they don't show for me until June.


and I am terrible at remembering where things are when I can't see them. So far, so good


I think the big bucket full will need splitting next spring. (The white one with a tiny purple flush) It only has a collection number, I got it from Crug farm along with Vannin. Red Ghurka is only bulking up slowly.  It has been in flower now for nearly three months.


3 months is very impressive


When it comes to separating the scillifolia would you do it when they're dormant or when growth starts in spring?


I split mine as they start to grow in Spring,but before they come through the soil. Gently dig up or tip out of pot. The roots are like small dahlia roots, the tubers are star shaped and very brittle,with a new shoot coming up in the centre. Large clump tend to be connected fromone tuber to another. I rinse them off in water to be able to see the individual tubers.  I plant them deep and gently cover over. Roland Bream who has the national collection says it is best in Spring, but sometimes he splits in autumn, where he is going to post them. The R. scillifolia came from him. He has them seeding in gravel near the entrance to his garden.


Thanks fidget, I'll leave them til spring. I think that's when I did the cautleyoides and they all came through..


We find that  the seed pods on many of the species get eaten by molluscs long before the seeds are ripe which is very annoying.

R, scilloides is the one which they seem to leave alone and is now becoming a bit of a seed weed in the bottom of one of the rock gardens.


Aristocratic and beautiful things and quite tropical looking. This time of year produces some real treasures, doesn't it?



As weeds go, I'm happy with those. Dandelions and docks however....

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