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I sowed a bed of the above and after 2 weeks approx only one has sprouted

Comments please

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...are field beans (which I believe are related to Broad Beans and I think are the only bean indiginous to Europe) supposed to be planted at this time of year? Or are they the type you plant in the Autumn? I would give them a bit longer; if one has sprouted maybe the others are not far behind just make sure they are in moist earth. I thought the farmers round here, who export beans to Egypt planted in the spring, but perhaps I only notice them growing in the spring.


Yes Newboy as Artjak said they are a winter green manure and will come up eventually. You just planted them a bit early that's all. 








Green Manure Field Beans are of the greatest value when overwintered.

They can be cut once and allowed to re-grow to produce second flush of foliage before digging in.

Dig in any time up to flowering. Fixes Nitrogen, it will not tolerate drought conditions and prefers heavier soil.

Sow September to October for over-wintering.

This is why I sowed them not to eat but to cover the earth and stop weeds growing


NewBoy, I think the key word is September


I use field beans but don't sow until late September. I wonder as it is now cold and wet if slugs and snails could be a problem?


Im sure I followed the sowing dates on the packet so i will check next time I go to

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It said on the packet sow from March to August

I will use Phacelia instead

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