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Hi all, my garden isn't as advanced as many I see photo's of here, but took a look this morning and it's definitely woken up!  It was only the 3rd or 4th frost I've had since Autumn and went down to -2.5C last night.  The plants didn't seem to mind though!

New bed 1:

New bed 2:

New bed 3:

Back garden 1:

Back garden 2:

Plenty to do, so back outside now!

All looking good Bob like your beds.

Jim Macd

Looks like you're having as wonderful a spring day as we are.

All looking good Bob.   Exciting time of year ....something new every day now 


A single 'cream beauty' crocus has opened here 

but now the rain's on 

but the washing's almost dry 

the Lord giveth.....


It's all really coming on now Bob. The hard work last year's paying off 

My raised beds are still in their infancy too, but many of the small plants are really establishing. I was beaten by the weather last autumn as I had hedging to put in as well, so I didn't get the last bed completed. I'll get to it soon 



I remember all of your hard work last year FG;  Pay-off time is-a-coming!   Now most of the bulbs are at least poking their noses through we can start planting new stuff in between.  Which means more shopping, too, of course! 


I've probably got more than enough to fill my beds Bob, but I don't suppose it'll stop me buying some more plants!  

hollie hock

Looking really good Bob, spring bulbs are so lovely I planted loads in my last garden in Autumn and it's always worth it when you see them pop up

i will be back at my house this weekend where i will be able to see how the bulbs have come on, my first attempt at platning them. in autumn i planted King Aflreds, Hawera, Muscari armeniacum, Iris Danfordiae, Crocus Ruby Giant, Crocus Tricolor, Chionodoxa luciliae and some anemone blanda. will be exciting to see.


Wow your daffs are flowering already! Ours are only just thinking about growing.

Our garden is still very much green and brown. But I'm hoping the previous occupants will have left us a few nice surprises before we redesign it completely and loose any hidden bulbs!

BobTheGardener..beautiful spring colour. Yov've done well. My garden is so very wet I can't walk on it. Iknow I've lost some plants and bulbs!!


That's one of the advantages of raised beds, Fluffy Cloud.  The natural soil here is heavy clay so I know exactly what you are going through.  I've raised many of my borders or built new raised ones over the years.  The hardest part has been filling them with soil - it always takes far more than you imagine!

Hyacinths suddenly opened up today....well first time noticed them today. 

Spring fever starting with sowings of lettuce,parsley and peas. 

lizzy tree

Hi everyone my small garden has just burst into life primroses,daffodils,snowdrops,crocus, viburnum tinus in full flower lots of new shoots everywhere and a wonderful feeling of a fresh beginning . I love the start of a new gardening year, love your raised beds Bob I have already looked to see where I can put one 

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