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Some bright red tulips began to flower in my garden over the last week. However over the last couple of days of warm weather and no rain, the colour is fading, like old red plastic that goes slightly white in the sun.

Is this normal, or do they need watering or fertiliser or something?

My daffodils flowered a bit earlier, but are now starting to droop right over, despite the heads still looking in their prime. They droop from the base of the stem rather than just the head looking down. What's gone wrong?


The daffodils sound as if they need watering - and lots of it. 

Red flowers do sometimes fade in the sun, and colour change is all part of the beauty of nature.  


It's been so wet I think plants have grown very lush and susceptible to wilting as soon as the sun comes out.


I suppose it could be the weight of the daffodil heads? 

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