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Found this beauty when googling for something else. I'm just interested if anyone knows what it is. Thank you.


No idea MrsG.  Is it real?     If so what a colour.  


It doesn't look real does it. My knowledge of tender exotica is almost non-existent, sorry

Lavender Beauty for sure.

Jim Macd

I thought it might be a Hibiscus but the stigma looked wrong.



Thanks everyone. I do hope it is real. Hibiscus lavender beauty is close but as Jim says the stigma is different (is it possible for it to be cut down for photographic style?). Those photos by Sharon Web are stunning Edd!


I agree about the stigma, I have seen quite a few Hibiscuses [ hibisci ? ] in the Carribean and they all have the long Stigma.

Lion S

It is Alyogyne huegelii. This is an Australian genus in the same family as Hibiscus, the Malvaceae. It's also named  Blue Hibiscus and Lilac Hibiscus.

Jim Macd

Well done Flowerchild. You're right. 


Wow Flowerchild  The wealth of knowledge on this site NEVER ceases to amaze me .  I suppose its a case of a hundred gardening heads being better than one.


Thanks SO much Flowerchild, I'm so glad I asked the question!

Here are a few more of the same I have now googled!

Oh my goodness - also seen  or sale on Ebay!!! Think I should just settle with my simpler Hibiscus Bluebird though for now!


This  alogyne is gorgeous isn' t it - I kept it outside in a pot one very warm summer, but doubedt it was keepable over the winter, and indeed it died, though was in a cool greenhouse - I expect it likes more heat and light than we can provide here.  It really is that colour, you'd make a fortune if you could produce a fabric just like that!

Lion S

Thanks, Jim MacD and Chicky

Bookertoo, I'm not familiar with the Australian climate, but I suspect that it must be very hot. The colour of this photo, I agree, it's gorgeous. But I'm afraid that in most photos the colour has been edited. I have a feeling that the true colour must be lighter than that in the photo.

My M. used to say( when I was a small child and drooling over pictures in those mail order catalogues) "Child, paper is patient". By which she meant to warn me not to trust those vibrant colours in these catalogues. And nowadays it's common practice to enhance colours with Paint and all the other photo editing software.

BTW, would somebody please be so kind to tell me what I could have done wrong when I tried to make the link clickable?? I haven't got a clue. It used to be very simple but I seem to have forgotten how to do that...

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