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Flower identification

small bulb with crocosmia type leaf with 6 large flowers in each plant eentreach flower with 6 white petals and a purple c

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1 to 20 of 26 replies

Plant grows about 3 ft tall

see pictures

I am trying to identify the plant so I can look after them during winter so they grow again next year.

Tried to upload pictures but cannot find how to do it

Sorry the whole description didnt come out above for some reason

Bulb grown crocosmia type plant with 6 large (3 to 4 ") white seperate flowers at top of plant all flowers 6 petals with long stamens (4) and a purple centre to flower.

Can anyone tell me how to upload pictures of the plant in question?

I have tried clicking on insert an amiage but that doesnt work


Julian, click on the tree on the tool bar of the text box, to the right of the smiley face and the left of the spell check 


4th panda

many thanks but I have already tried that without success



Are the flowers in a spike, one on top of the other, or all together at the top?

Try looking up gladioli and see if that fits. there are lots of varieties and colours, but the flowers are basically the same shape.


Oh. In that case I have no idea. Sorry  Maybe someone else will have an idea 

 Many thanks to 4th Panda I have now uploaded pics


Yay! Don't know what they are (sorry ) but they are beautiful 


They are Gladiolus murielae    aka Acidanthera


Well done!!!

They are right!  So pleased I have now identified them.  Go to the top of the class!

Now, the next question!

Should I dig them up and put them in greenhouse or a dark garage for the winter to protect them?


Allow the leaves to go yellow and die down. Lift and store the corms frost free ( but not too warm) Plant deep next spring in a sunny position in well drained soil.


They're rather nice. Maybe I'll put them on next year's list



cross out the maybe, I will. Thanks fb