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 Please can anyone identify this flower? I would love to know as I would like it in my garden. Many thanks.

White scabious.  They are more usually lilac in colour.  very good for attracting insects such as bees and butterflies.


If the plant is very tall it probably is Scabious 'Cephalaria gigantea ' and yes, it is a Bee magnet.


Thank you very much. It was very tall and a lot of bees around it.

My gigantea is much creamier than the photo and yes, very tall and a bee magnet.  Which reminds me I need to dead head it.



You should find they will self seed I found them coming up in the front garden with the main plant in the back garden


Thank you everyone. I have ordered 3 plants online. I am really pleased


3 PLANTS.......Heavens they get very BIG and I mean BIG. The one in one of our beds measures a good 2 metres across and that is after being dug out last Winter. and the roots go down for ever. They are the very devil to get rid of too.

Cephalaria gigantea is a giiant above and below the soil.


Because my garden is very over-planted, the plants around it help to keep mine in check. It's never allowed to grow out too much and comes back year after year, very hardy indeed.


Oooer I'll have to keep them in pots. I do like them though. Thanks for all the advice everyone



bananarama, I love your avatar piccie. I have rescue hedgehogs and recently met some week-old hoglets being cared for by the rescue lady. Aaaah:- )


Thanks Flobear, we found this hedgehog in the garden a couple of years ago. Looked after him all winter and then let him go in the spring. They are very sweet.

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