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Jess is in the Garden

Agree with Lavender - one from each season - here are my would-be-lost-without plants

Spring: Narcissi

Summer: Another vote for roses and rambling geraniums

Late Summer/Autumn: Anemone

Winter: Cornus


I couldn't live without lilies! Any colour , any shape, just love the scent!

Gardening Grandma

My choice wold be large, rambling, scrambling roses but they are twice as beautiful with something likeclematis Jackmanii Superba growing through them and that's two...


I love 2 so much, makes my happy, look at: Magnilia and Ginger  ,Greetings, ThaiGer.


I would have to say a large white clematis that rambles through the  arborvites,  so pretty.I was just out side knocking the snow off them.We had a blizzard here last night on long island and not a plow in sight. Debra

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