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anthony mcglen

hi all was thinking of trying flower magic this year.has anyone used it also dose it really work

thanks for your thoughts


I saw the advert last night and wasn't tempted - however it may suit some people - I understand there are different colourschemes. 

My main thought would be Shop Around - just by Googling I've come up with a range of prices from £6.42 - £12.99 for the same size pack!!!

anthony mcglen

hi Dove

i to saw the advert it will be interesting to find out if anyone has used it and there results


I saw a patch done at the garden centre last year. I thought quite a boring mix of annuals in desperate need of thinning out. I had to restrain myself. You could make a better mix yourself. Don't expect it to look like on the packet, with large stuff at the back and smaller at the front.

haha i'm so thick i thought you meant spells!!! like full moon rituals to help growth!



Likewise, rosemummy. I was thinking magical fertiliser, combined with non toxic slug killer and automatic weeder.


I'm thick as well rosemummy, just what I thought.

The reality seems to be a product of doubtful advantage.

A packet of mixed annuals would do the job

I used it last year on a vacant patch I hadn't got round to renovating. To be fair the results weren't that bad although I would say the coverage they say on the  instructions should be less. If I remember correctly they say 2m sq but 1.5 would be more accurate. Being annuals they put on a decent show. If I use them again, I'd sow thicker than suggested.

anthony mcglen

well looks like i started somthing now rolling on the floor laughing

Haha Anthony 

Ive thought about buying it, but just seems so expensive! (And I'm a bit tight )


there was an awful lot reduced at the end of last year in the garden centre.

I'm waiting to see what mother nature does to the buldozed piles of soil next door, (with a little help from a scatter of any left over seeds I collected last year.)


...and next week we have magic beans. Plant this seed in a pot or the soil, and when it grows , you will have beans all summer....


 I think the way a tree can grow from a small seed is just magic anyway.

just what i was telling my daughter fidget, the magic is seeing anything thrive


at this time of year all the plants are so pumped with hormones anything u put in a bit of soil will grow.


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