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 Can someone please tell me if this is a flower or weed? 

I planted wild seed flowers last year and this has started popping up all over my garden, but I am not sure if it is a weed or flower ? 

No easy to say but would say its a weed , what type , no sure

Orchid Lady

I've sown Candytuft and have lots of shoots but 2 different types, so I have the same dilemma!!  Although I think the 'weed' ones may actually be what was growing there last year, I'm leaving them to see what happens 

Cant help with your plant ID though sorry 

Could be a Willowherb, in which case pull it out before it goes to seed.



It looks like a willowherb to me.


And me.  Pull a bit up - young willowherb tops will break off leaving the roots and if you dig those out they are very shallow.


I'm agreeing with willowherb! It's one of the nuisance weeds that loves my garden. Must be a good seed bank in my soil as I never let it flower or go to seed and it still pops up all over the place every year!!  It's easy to hoik out the ground though!

Are these the ones that have purple flowers? I am creating a "wild flower" section in my garden - attract the bees & butterflys. I am just thinking if it is the purple one I may keep this plant and pull out the rest. If it is not the on I am thinking of though and it just stays green then it shall be out tomorrow  

Are you thinking of Rosebay Willowherb, Chamerion angustifolium? It's not that, it's an Epilobium species. They have smallish to very small pinkish flowers and produce huge amounts of seed. 

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