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I have read that whenever a bamboo flowers, it then dies, not straight away though.  I hope it doesn't  Paul, they are a beautiful specimen

Depending on the bamboo some die some survive.  You can help by giving lots of fertiliser leading up to the flowering and just at the start of the flowering.   This can 'nurse' the bamboo through the time of flowering and give the plant extra 'energy' to get it through this weekend state.   All clones of that bamboo most likely will flower at the same time even across countries so you may find your not the only one.  This is not all cases though.   The plant can self pollinate so it can produce both male and female or cross pollinate if others are around.   You could put down a tarp or other material and collect the seeds and grow some more or sell them.   New cultivars can be created this way since most bamboo is propagated by cloning.  There can be quite a variation from the 'mother' plant depending if it self pollinated or not !!

Bamboo plants flowered he collected the seed and looks like he has a new cultivar 'variety' of bamboo.

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