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The pots are quite small. How am I'm going to get reasonable sized plants with nice foliage and a good show of flowers? Do I need to fertilise, rich in phosphus (roots and shoots) and potassium (flowers). Comfrey juice? tomato fertiliser? 

How often? How much? Obviously not too much 'cause the pots are small!


You can get slow release fertilizer granules-just add a pinch to each pot at planting up time


suggest you look at the rhs list and this is so comnprehensive you should be able to select approriate ones, wildflowers are so easy to grow and so many colours to choose from plus there are several that are small low growing which should meet your requirements


How did you get on with this Whatalottie?  I hope all went to plan and you all had a wonderful time at the wedding.


Anyone mentioned pinks or carnations?   Will certainly produce good size flowering plants by June.  Scent and colour. 

Oops!  Not paying attention.  Wedding long past now......I'll go back to bed 


Goodness me the Mods were quick off the mark there!!!  There it was - Gone!!! 

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