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As I qualified as a florist a few years ago, my family are  always buying me flowers, to play with. The only ones I don't like indoors ( though not a flower) are those cabbage stems that they put in mixed bunches sometimes. The stems in water start to stink so quickly, and they are too fat to use with florists foam. There are much nicer foliages to choose from. Yes I love my flowers in the garden as well, but I try to grow some things just for cutting, and doing a pretty arrangement.

Not keen on dahlias indoors, as I always remember earwigs crawling all over the table as a child!

I'm also a florist or was before i had to give it up for health reasons. I cant stand dahlias, i remember as a saturday girl i had to clear out the buckets that had had dahlias in all week. The stink was awful, even thinking about it i can smell them. I love flowers but they are better in the garden.


Surely if you change the water it doesn't stink & also make the flowers live longer? Im not sure I would want to buy flowers knowing they had been standing in the same water a whole week..



Does anyone know what goes into those little sachets of flower food that come with some bunches of flowers? As discodave says, you want to change the water frequently, but you then need more flower food. A scientific friend suggested ; sugar, aspirin and some plant food (baby bio?) Any ideas?

Bunny ...
I've heard a dot of bleach or lemonade work.

Not keen on chrysanthemums in house, the smell I think .



Crushed up asprin basically, or you can use sugar, a couple of drops of bleach, lemonade, vodka, copper coins, apple cider vinegar.. 

Although I assume not all together


I love cutting my own flowers for the house - just a few of everything as they come into season - specially sweet peas from the veg patch.

Not keen on lilies though - the smell is too strong and a bit sickly.

I don't like Amaranthus  ('Love Lies Bleeding') but anything else is pretty much welcome - including wild flowers, ferns and grasses that I also pick for the house.



Did someone call me plastic? I think I like all flowers except ones with artificial colouring in them. There were some very bright blue orchids in the GC which looked plastic. I'm sure they weren't meant to be that colour.


I went to a garden centre yesterday and saw some hellebores for the first time in the flesh & nope, don't like em..


Joe the G, I agree about weirdly coloured heathers

The buckets were left for the saturday girl to clean and after a week they were awful


never I bring flower from outside to inside, for what? I love to see them on the origin place, only because of beauty or the benefit. Okay, the people give flower for present have no gardens and they think, you are happy about this gift. Everytime I show my best smile when they bring me flower and I happy, when this people happy too


People here grow lots of flowers, so that they can bring some into the house and still have plenty left in the garden. Many of the flowers that we grow are ideal for this, because cutting them for the house or for presents encourages the plant to make more blooms. Apart from anything else it makes more sense than flying them thousands of miles from Africa or South America.

I imagine the tradition of bringing them into the house is hundreds of years old. People used to bring flowers and herbs into houses in the hope of preventing or curing diseases, or to bring good fortune.

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