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Had a belated birthday party yesterday and lots of people brought cut flowers or flowering houseplants. As I was arranging them this morning and thinking how happy I am to be surrounded by flowers, I wondered if there were any flowers that I wouldn't want in the house. I know the French associate chrisanths with funerals and I suppose we connect arum lilies with death, but the only ones I could think of are those weird gerbera type flowers that look as if they have been artificially coloured. How do the rest of you feel about cut flowers?


i think of cut chrisanths as garage flowers and wouldnt choose them for my house but saying that i have them in the garden and i love all types of lilies as cut flowers, im not a massive fan of hyacinths either 


kerri, is it the scent of hyacinths that you don't like?


I'm not a fan of cut flowers at all except sweet peas if I grow them. I prefer my flowers live and growing outside.   Also, in the past, kittens and young cats have always seen flowers in vases as toys with ensuing watery accidents.   Much rather have healthy house plants indoors and flowers outside.

Can't stand Calla lillies, I associate those with funerals (and can't understand why so many brides have nothing but a bunch of death flowers in their photos).

All other lillies are fine, but I do prefer them growing outside where I can enjoy them for longer.


For me i think of the hyacinth as an ugly flower the smell is lovely but not enough

I'm not a massive fan of lilies, especially those with staining pollen. If I am brought any they have to go in the porch as I'm allergic to their heady scent.

chilli lover

Not a huge fan of cut flowers either - I prefer mine growing in the garden, On the rare occasion OH buys me some though they do acquire a certain charm

I couldn't stand the smell of the Paper white dafs.I put the outside.

I grow some flowers in pots just to cut, it's nice to bring the great outdoors in, especially if it's a summer like last year. A vase of flowers on the dining room table is a permanent feature, it's just so up lifting especially in the winter months.

The least favourite from the one's which I grow and cut are probably sweet pea, me thinks they are best left in the garden, they're grown as companions amongst the beans and pea's and put on a fabulous display but need to be picked to prevent them going to seed, they look sad in a vase, as I like lilles, gladioli, daffs, tulips, blue bells, whatever's in season and these are cut for their visual appearance yet sweet pea gives off a terrific aroma.

Gardening Grandma

I quite agree, Lyn!  Scented plants are better in the garden as they are rather heavy and overpowering in the house. I love cut flowers, but wouldn't cut any from my garden because they last so much longer attached to the plant! Bought bouquets are great, better than the finest man-made ornaments, though I don't like dahlias as cut flowers very much; they look oddly crude and earwigs are liable to crawl out of them.


I once came back from Wales with the car full of cheap daffs and the smell nearly made me ill. I can tolerate a few in the house though.

In the summer I love a bunch of roses and sweet peas from the garden


Still have to say, probably my most stand out dislikes are still hellebores. Also not a huge fan of carnations (funeral wreaths).

Jess is in the Garden

Another vote for dahlias

Very heady scent of lilies as they start to turn also makes me ill.

I alo prefer flowers when still alive - though if I ever have cut flowers in the house, it;s usually around my birthday (next week) as I adore yellow spring bulbs, mimosa and anything springlike and bright yellow (husband, take note)



In the summer I love a bunch of rust coloured chrisanths in a big honey coloured vase in the fireplace.



I'm also a dahlia fan. I find that there are usually enough flowers on a plant that if I cut a few for a vase they are not missed. Can't think of any flowers that I don't like.


Years ago a friend took me to an RHS show in Westminster; we walked through the wrong door and saw an exhibition/competition for flowers. 'Oh', I said in ringing tones, 'It's just a show of paper flowers!' At this point my friend clapped a hand over my mouth and dragged me out of the hall; it was an exhibition by very serious Begonia growers. I have to admit I don't much like them, the pom-pom ones look fake to me, but the ones I have seen growing all year round in Barbados look great.


I always think begonias look plastic so really don't like them.   Most busy lizzies too.


Ooh, I don't think busy lizzy is going to like being called plastic! I like the double ones and they are great for a site that doesn't like sun, where not many flowers will grow.


I have a space like that and grow snowdrops, daffs, hostas, astilboides, hellebores, primulas, hemerocallis, chelone, Japanese anemones, hakonechloa, ferns, a couple of dwarf conifers and lily of the valley which all cope with winter, a bit of damp and no direct sun most of the year.

No wussy plastic busies.