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Hi all. I think my first post on this site was ref bees and I commented that there was around here at least a larger number than usual of them about this year.       More good news - I am happy to say that the same applies to Butterflies which I have not for a long long time seen so many. All the flowers in the garden attract them but as stated hitherto I am mostly interested in foliage and the flowers are treated as a bonus - hence though I have a goodly variety I have not that number of what I suppose could be called spectacular. The usual annual "bests" for the butterflies are the Sedums (spectabile in particular)  but above all the Buddleas (sp). I have four bushes of these, three were competing with and under  mature trees and in spite of their size I have moved one over "out of range".    Will do the others in due course but all will know that moving large bushes is a job and the plants most certainly in my experience "sulk" for a couple of seasons after - assuming that is if all goes well.    Best one which was away from the trees is all of 7-8 feet tall and at least 6 ft in diameter.    It has masses of flowers all ready out and many more to come and is alive with Butterflies - Bees and other insects.   I like my cameras and have been out taking some close ups of the action. Will sort and send just a few though theres not much to say about it all.


I wouldn't try moving buddlejas. Grow a new one from a cutting instead.

 You would probably get a better bush, faster than moving the old one.






Heather Michaels

I've also noticed a massive increase in the number of butterflies in my garden over the last couple of weeks, there has been a few since spring but of late, lots. Not mad keen on them myself (I can't abide moths and scream like a girl if one comes near me and it then spread to butterflies!) so I try to avoid them but I appreciate that they are certainly a "friend" and not a foe.


...yes me too..  loads of them flying about...and into the house if we leave the doors them very much.. miss them when we don't see them,... and lovely photos above there...such rich colour on that Buddleia... I don't grow these but my Lavender's are a good substitute for fluttery things....


Hi . I myself am also "iffy" about Moths though Butterflies bother me not. Moths seem to have that habit of flying straight at you and its a bit off putting. However whatever we all acknowledge that they all are serving a wonderfully useful purpose on our poor hard hit planet ( hard hit is my own opinion).. That particular Buddlea has been absolutely laden with B'flies and Bees  all day. As for moving them well at my age theres no time for cuttings of shrubs to mature so I give it a go and move them.   Have g enerally been successful over the years doing this with any shrub but as I mentioned they do tend to sulk for a season or two. I talk to them nicely  ahem!.

Forgot to mention. have a few more pics to send tomorrow but not a great deal otherwise ( unusual for me) to say. Regards all.

Not too,hot on my butterflies but agree there are lots of them about.  I noticed earlier as I sat outside with a giant cuppa, large numbers of bees jostling for positions around agastache black adder. A "foreign" plant the bees seem to prefer.  maybe the hot summer but they are about

 Top of Buddlea bush showing whites in variety. Several others on there also but too dark to show up. Nowhere near all the flowers are open yet. A dull semi rainy day here today. Was hoping to get a few more varieties.

Something smaller - don't know variety.

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