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The refreshing shade of the blue forgetmenots are lovely , are there anymore blue flowers out there to match  the same blue does anyone know ?


Two plants with very similar coloured flowers are Brunerra and Omphaloides. They flower at about the same time as forgetmenots which may or not be a problem.

salvia cambridge blue, meconopsis baleyii, felicia all match pretty well.


Brunnera is lovely, has very similar flowers, slightly darker in colour, and it does not spread everywhere.  The leaves can be very good too, silver splashed or almost totally silver - good nature, has survived several harsh winters outdoors.   Saw a very pretty deep blue forget-me-not in a shop yesteray, being promoted as a 'Cheslsea flower', but I'll bet it is as much of a thug as its cousin - it is a myosotis as well.  

a true perennial forget me not would be good and one that was sterile



..if you would like to try something tricky,... although it can thrive in unlikely spots... you might want to have a go with 'Myosotidium Hortensia' otherwise known as the Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not... it is said to require a seaweed mulch, or at least extracts of this... being native to the shoreline of those islands near New Zealand....

worth a go for the adventurous....I tried once, and failed... but in my defence I think the slugs got it...

..a very beautiful perennial if successful... even the Daily Mirror...[of all papers..? I wouldn't have seen that one coming..] highlighted it as their 'plant of the week' a couple of years ago...


Verdun, brunnera comes close, the flowers are virtually the same, perennial and tough.

There are some species (and cultivars) of day flower (Commelina) with similar

shades of blue. They are very easy to grow.

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