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Patsy F, many thanks

Thomas Wilkinson2

Hi all, I have some foxgloves planted in pots, most are still green and herbaceous but 1 or 2 seem to be dying back. Is that normal? is there anything I should do to look after them? I've been told on here that they are pretty hardy and will be alright just against a wall outside for winter. 


What are your foxgloves Thomas? Did they flower this year?

Ordinary foxgloves are more or less biennial, they flower once and then they seed and die. A few linger on for another year in a half hearted way

They are hardy.


I think they are pretty healthy.  Mine are still on shelving on the patio and green, so I will plant them out in the Spring as planned.  Not sure if they should die back before the warmer weather arrives.  Anyone else able to advise please?


They should flower as the warmer weather arrives


Question for all of you guru. Illumination the long flowerer that doesn't produce seed. How do you multiply???? If I decided to buy how, seed, plugs?? I'm confused. Do they revert to normal foxglove in second year as someone at work said they will. What are people's opinions?? 


They're hybrids, crossed with something tender so not very hardy RD. They won't revert. If they live long enough you might be able to split them. You'll have to buy plugs or plants, there's no seed.

I think Verdun, in his tropical paradise, may have got some through a winter.

Lots have died round here.

Hiya Red

They will simply regrow like any other perennial in spring.  They won't revert. Buys as plugs.

First Year for me but I will divide mine in summer.

Just noted Nut's comments which are similar.  

Agree Illumination is a bit of an unknown product re hardyness.  They should be hardy. They are beautiful and very lomg flowering

So if you want to make insurance policies for winter am I hearing division only. I'm a scrimper you see and worried as they seen costly but I have heard good things re their beauty!!

I guess they are expensive. Got mine at good price and well happy with them.  If they grow again next spring ....I.e. that they are truly perennial....then they will be very good value.

They will,be sterile so no seeds.  Root cuttings or division....will make that decision when I dig one up in late summer

Did you source on line. Was thinking of verbascum or these foxgloves now torn! I have 2 foxgloves only and like the height element to them. 

Hiya Red

Yes source online .

I too like height in the border from perennial flowers.....I grow agastaches, veronicastrums, verbena bonariensis, delphiniums, foxgloves, verbascums, acteas, etc etc.  

Re agastaches check out Black Adder and Sangria....respectively inky blue flowers and pink flowers on erect tall (5') plants all summer long.  

Crickey I can't take 5' unfortunately. We are built up higher than neighbouring gardens so that would get thrashed by the wind. I remember you telling me about that before and my heart sank as it's pretty but just too big for me! 

Ok, there are shorter varieties of agastache.  Why not consider a couple of grasses like deschampsias ?  Flowerimg all summer, sway/billow in the wind and great foil for flowering plants.  How about Veronica then for vertical element?  Blue or white erect flowers not needing staking ??

My Veronica and I want to call it gentalis is a real low carpet type with white talk flower spikes, not the prettiest or best at looking maintained!! I do keep splitting it and giving bits away. But people dont seem to reciprocate!! 


Veronica spicata Red.  Upright, well behaved long flowering plants.  I usually divide duriNg the winter to.provide lots of flowers this summer.  This is not the "carpeting " weedy variety 

Verdun can't you set up a mini business sending baby versions of these plants to Us! Lots you have told me about I can't seem to find locally without ordering multiples or large plants for 7/8 pounds! I visit GC's to avoid p&packing but they don't have variety! Seems gardening is going internet based and order an item at a time when you hear of something!

Red, check out a thread posted by one of our most handsome members about small online nurseries.   I agree postage costs are increasing but I recently had 7 small plants for £15 plus £8  postage.  They were not plugs but plants busting to be potted on into 1 litre pots.  They were plants I could not get locally too.  

I will be going to local GC for their small perennials over the next month.  They will be priced at about £2 ...maybe less if you buy 6.....and they really will bulk up quickly if you pot on.  

Im always looking for value for money but quality and variety too.

Ashleigh 2

Hi Verdun, do agastaches cope with partial shade? I need something with height that blooms for a long time.

Hiya Ashleigh

Good drainage is essential. They like as much sun as possible.  

Considered aconitum?  They do well in partial shade and some flower for ages from mid summer.  But,  Verbena bonariensis will do well in partial shade as well as in the sun ....not many better for height and long flowering