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Ashleigh 2

Thanks, I have Verbena bonariensis in another part shade area, I love it, I googled Aconitim and it's lovely but flowers quite late in the year. The place I'm thinking of has direct sun for about 3hrs a day and open sky, the drainage is good, should I risk trying Agastache or would it struggle?


Then try one called Black Adder.  It's about 4' tall...maybe taller......with inky blue flowers with black touches.  It's a lovely thing.  It may not flower so.profusely as it would in full sun. In the autumn you can carefully divide it and pot it won't survive the winter in cold areas.  Another variety is Sangria which is taller and has pink flowers.  

Miscanthus variegatus is a tall white and green vsriegated grass that adds height and nice contrast to Black Adder.  You might like to try that 

Re aconitum I have early amd late flowerimg varieties.  One flowers from July for me.  The other in late August.  

Ashleigh 2

Thank you Verdun, do you know the names of the Aconitum(s)  you have?

Seriously verdun I think you should start a thread that introduces new plants or old fashioned perennials people haven't heard of. Simply an explanation A picture your experience and how to propagate. I would be your number one fan. Just looked up aconitum and it's stunning and have never heard of it! Shame it's 1.2m. You must have a large garden!!

Hiya Red.

Check out aconitum stainless steel.  It's slightly less vigorous....for me anyway.....and later flowering but it's delicate colouring is stunning.

Ashleigh I also grow Sparks Variety and another unnamed one  that was given me.  

No...middling size garden.  In two parts....front about 20metres by 20 metres and the back somewhat larger.  

Think I have a reasonable knowledge of plants etc but this forum is a great educator.    Picked up lots of different ways of,doing things too.  




Beautiful And rhs said will take some shade, but will it pull away from a hedge to the light??

Ashleigh 2

Thanks Verdun I really appreciate the help 

Returning to this thread on Foxgloves.  Mine have flowered for the first time this year - a beautiful apricot, as promised on the seed packet.  I sowed the seeds in Autumn 2013 and have been nurturing them since then.  Delighted!

hollie hock

Nice to see things flower when you've raised them Patsy. Got some in the garden hopefuly they will flower next  year

Must grow more foxgloves several white currently


Mine have really taken off this year, excelsior mixed and such a variety of colours 

My white foxgloves are coming through now from a late summer sowing. Also Gillenia trifoliata (bought last autumn online), enjoying the same dappled shade conditions and just about to flower.

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