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Hi all, can I collect seed from this variety of Foxglove and will it comes true? Many thanks

You can collect seeds as mine self seeded already, as to whether they come true, i wont know until next year.

flowering rose

only one way to find out ----sow and see!


I guess I'll have to wait for the pods to ripen then and sow in early Spring :P

The reason I ask is because wherever I look online it says it is an F1 

I guess time will tell unless anyone has experience with them :P

flowering rose

I think half the fun is waiting to see what will come of the seed you collect,I collect seed and sometimes have poor results as well as the good.



Yea I sowed some russel lupins and giant pacific delphiniums earlier this year, I cant wait to see what colour flowers I get next year


If it'san F1 it won't come true but might still be nice. It's a colour strain of the ordinary digitalis so you could get an attractive mix 

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