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Hi all, I have an Illumination Foxglove and am wondering how to care for it. It flowered lovely after I bought it but since then the tips of leaves have all turned black. Is this a normal process?

also should I cut the plant down when Winter comes and mulch it?

Or will it put on new growth in the Spring? 

Any comments will be greatly appreciated

Photo Below



Like you, I am growing this for the first time. It came as part of 36 perennial plug plants. I potted the tiny things that came into plugs and then 3 inch pots. I then planted them out. I was really surprised when they flowered this year, the rest of the plugs either got eaten by slugs or just not flowered yet.

 I dead headed and they sent up more flowers. I saved some seed, but I have also dead headed again. I am going to see if they survive the winter. If not I will have a go at growing seeds next year. I have finished putting in 48  candy mountain, and glittering prizes foxgloves for next spring, so I don't expect I'll miss them if they dont survive.


Actually, scrap all that, I think mine were dalmation peach. I think the illumination range are those that are not as hardy, because they have isoplexis genes in them. Verdun has done well with illumination pink, but I think they may need overwintering indoors.

Mine have been great.  Flowered all summer.

Matt, they will die down now, will blacken.  It's nature's way of winding down.  

Now, for me, because they are new to me too, I'm going to keep some in the ground but dig up the rest and pot up the rest and keep them in the GH.  I will do that very soon now.

I will cut down the foliage, slightly trim any long roots and pop into 3 litre pots...bigger if needs be.  I will water them and keep them outside for week or so or longer whilst it's still nice and mild.  When it gets colder I'll take them indoors.


Thanks for the Info. I will cut it down in a few weeks and mulch heavily. My greenhouse isnt ready to go up yet so digging it up is not an option this year unfortunately


Hmmm...not sure about mulching heavily matt.  Think I would use something airy and light....straw, polystyrene, fleece loosely "fingered" in.  


I had one bought for me Matt and it didn't survive the winter on the NW coast   I didn't mulch it as it was labelled up as hardy - did complain to T&M about it and they've since reclassified it as half hardy - I think they had quite a lot of complaints.  Hope your one survives for you



I'm glad I asked now :P

I have some fleece handy so I'll make a little blanket for it



Actually I have some straw too! I forget I use it for my strawberries to lie on

Would putting a bit of this over the crown, then making a little fleece blanket work better?

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