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Betty Brown Eyes

I have grown lots of foxglove seedlings (from a packet, not wild) a couple of months ago,they are about 4" high now and look really healthy. I usually keep the seed packet so I can refer back, but i seem to have thrown it away (or composted it) Can any one offer advice as to the best time to plant outside, I remember something about them flowering next year, so does this mean I overwinter them in GH or plant out now and wait! ?


They're hardy Betty, they never need to be inside, get them out there. 

Betty Brown Eyes

Brilliant, I will put them out as soon as! Thanks Nutcutlet! By the way, I got my trug and now have strawberries, salads, herbs and chinese broccoli growing!!


hollie hock

They probably could go in now, but I'd been tempted to pot them on in a sheltered spot outside and then plant them out later in the year as strong big plants. They will survive a winter in the ground and flower next year

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