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hollie hock

Hello everyone, not seen a single foxglove in flower yet, amazed at how late they are. Lots of healthy leaves and just a start of flower buds on a couple


yep my inspiration pink just opened.  my neighbour has a garden full of seed raised ones

Shrinking Violet

Mine have opened at the bottom of the spike - but it's a slow process, and definitely later than usual.  (West Somerset area)


Almost, maybe a couple of days yet.


Mine started opening this week.



Same here LeadFarmer look like pink in colour.


Some of my white ones should open in the next few days but the normal pink ones and the perennial ones are much further behind.


Some of the purpureas are showing colour.. Not a lot of action elsewhere.


We saw a few wild ones blooming in south Cornwall last week - we've got some white ones just beginning to open today in our garden here in Norfolk.

 If you look at the white one at the back of the shady bank - nearest to the lantern-shaped bird feeder - it was showing colour when I photographed it on Monday - now it's just beginning to open - there are some others on the bank beginning to open too - the ones in the foreground aren't as advanced.

I've a few opening at the bottom of their spikes, most are in bud though. 

Been away for a few days and they have are opening now (since Sunday)


Mine (all self seeded are flowering here in South Devon.


Beautiful picture Dove.

None of mine are in flower yet, but they're planted at the bottom of a north facing fence so I expect to be behind. Lovely to see the flower spikes springing up like a promise of summer though.

I had been planning on buying some more until 15 or so seedlings popped up in the bottom of a potted up potentilla. There's not much I love more than free plants, especially ones probably dropped off by the birds.


I've got one out. Sort of pinkish. I have had Apricot something in the past and it's probably a descendent. Looking pretty poor otherwise. Some of the plants are not going to flower. Must be triennnials. Weather effect do you think?

my inspiration pink is flowering.   looks good,,,,so far


hollie hock

I've got a white or peach one that is showing signs of buds, but not much else.

Hadn't thought that some of them might not flower....... I take it they will flower next? I grew loads of white and peach ones last year will have to take a closer look at them. I would say so nut...........sounds like to the plant it's not worth flowering and setting seed so late in the year. Seen some Lupin buds coming through, didn't think I see them before the foxglvoes

That looks a lovely spot Dove


There's not been much to encourage growth since they seeded last year. I'd hoped for better things this year. Last year we had a mass of fosgloves this year will be very poor.

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