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I planted loads of the seeds and have been giving the plants out all over! I really like the foliage, all feathery. No sign of flowers on any of the plants yet, exciting though. Thanks GW!

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have just seen my first white cosmos bloom... the first of hundreds I trust, and a tortoiseshell butterfly... boy, am I happy


Mine are well up, and flowering. Staked all 6 of them yesterday (didn't use the whole packet ) as they get pretty big. Have also got a load of mixed cosmos Sonata dotted through the garden, they don't grow as tall, but it's the Purity that gets my vote if you've got the space.

My first flower is just opening and it's pink!! So much for my plan of a border of all white cosmos! Oh well I'll enjoy anyway.


Mine still look like fennel, no flower heads yet



This one was the same ,filled the pot but no sign of a bud .


Terrific plants, I grow them every year, and they are so reliable and easy from seed even when badly treated.  Oddly I find they don't work from seedI collect myself.

Mine are all between 2 and 5 inches tall with absolutely no sign of flowering



Woodgreen wonderboy

Little P-Flower, lots of water, a little tomorite and this heat and you will catch up

I think I got lucky with mine.  I got a bit carried away and sowed them at the beginning of March, potted them on in the greenhouse and planted out in May.  They've been flowering pretty much ever since.

Definitely beginners luck!



I've now got 2 flower buds on 10 plants..thought there was only one...getting giddy..

Thanks for pic' Tonks, will keep me going until mine flower


i have been brutal and ruthless,its outgrown itself with no sign of a flowering bud

sorry i picked it out of the 16"deep pot and is now greenwaste after a prolonged



missed that issue am gutted now I can see Tonks!


 Mine started flowering


I planted some in pots on the windowsill, ran out of space and jusr scattered the rest (can take the risk if they're free). Plants from pots are now flowering, broadcast ones are still pretty green froth.  But I'll use them again - they're lovely. 

Would be interested to know if they'll seed themselves - I always prefer self sustaining plants.


Woodgreen wonderboy

They can seed themselves but don't rely on it. They are so easy to do from seed, and some say you can collect your own. I haven't tried this and remember if you let them go to seed that's the end of the flowers, so get your timing right, just before frosts. Alternatively sacrifice a plant or two to seeds.Worth a try.

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