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Hi this has maybe been asked already but cant find it.  I got the free GW perennials this year and the free hardy fuschias.  He perennials hmmm not so good, but the fuschias all 9 plants very happy and flowering in pots.  Still small though. 

At this time do i pot on, or put out in the garden?   We have proper winters here.  I would like to keep them going if possible.  I have no greenhouse but could bring them inside if they wont survive the first year out.  


I would plant them out now so they have a chance to get a good root system before the winter, make sure you cover the roots with a lot of mulch before the cold weather arrives to stop them freezing. they will come again in spring.

Turn the pot upside down, or carefully tip them out to see if the root system fills the pot. If it does plant out, if not wait a few weeks then plant them out. It's better to form a good root system in the pot first and as nod says mulch them over winter, compost or farmyard manure will do, failing that ordinary garden soil.


I grow quite a lot of fuchsias, I would pick all the flowers of in the first year when they are at the plug stage, the plant needs its energy to make strong roots. Up to you though, just my opinion.

Check from time to time for the dreaded vine weevil, they love fuchsias.I would bring mine

in for the first year, just an unheated greenhouse or conservatory will do. do you have a plastic one. Or a cool bedroom windowsill


If they are small, leave them in their pots, planting out small plants in late summer is rarely a good idea. Do you know that they are hardy Fuschias, many are not, and will need protection every winter.

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