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Has anyone tried to get the free penstemons from July GW magazine ? can't get on the web site they have quoted. 

Thank you, it worked for me.

Cheers Kate don't know why i couldn't get on web site.

I used Kate's link and I got in but couldn't find it when I put the offer code in google an ongoing problem with the offer codes in the Magazine!!   Can anyone help with offer code GWS622 as I can't order the Salvia offer, have tried all sorts of ways with no luck.





wil have to do that i love penstemons.. i would have  nothing but them in my garden but for hubby who says it a bit boring all the same..

**tuts**  all the same ** tuts *** what does he know 

 I found that new address useful, thanks as i could not get in, was trying to find out why had not yet received my penstemons, but reading the info they are not posted until September, thanks anyway.


Received my penstemons week before last,day before I went away. theyare very small and have lost a couple. perhaps because not enough tlc as was away. Greenhouse sitter(son) very generous with water. Still at least plants don't die of drought!!


I got free Penstemons, I have taken cuttings off my plants today which were cuttings taken from my father-in-laws garden. I had never grown them before and now I'm glad I've got them they are so pretty. Once you have received your freebies you will be able to get lots more from cuttings. Good luck with them, and enjooy.

Thanks bjay, will get in touch with gardeners world to see what has happened to mine.

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