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hi, i have just had some plant plugs delivered, i just paid the postage on them they are, nepeta mussini, digitalis, coreopos sunray and geum mrs bradshaw, i have potted them up, my question is, will they flower this year. many thanks

They may do-they may not-you are doing the right thing-in the first year they to tend just to grow to get to flowering size-next year they should all flower.

Sorry to be so vague-but it it is a waiting game

Hi Lynne

What size were they and are you growing them on somewhere warm. I often find that the plugs were smaller than I expected . If you can get them somewhere warm that will help but then you will have to harden them off.


thanks lazy gardener and cris, they are not very about 5-6 leaves on them, there is 6 of each, and for now i have just put them in 4 big pots, they seem happy enough, well at least they havent died on me ha ha

Alina W

If the digitalis are this year's seeds they're unlikely to flower until next year.


No Lynne they won't flower this year
Just grow them on for good plants next year

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