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do any of you regularly send for the free stuff where we only have to pay postage???

i have done this a few times and am always very pleased with what we get.

the Christmas Rose freebie was very good and they were big plants.

have just sent for the Red / White / Blue petunias so looking forward to those.


Good Morning

Same as you, I regularly send for the offer, especially if its bulbs or perennials.  Never had to send any back and they've always grown well.


Yes I do send for some of the freebies and they have all been fine

I always do it this way, never had a problem with the plants. tend to have problems with Thompson and morgan trying to add on more postage. This tends to scare me away from ordering.


Hi 80smaniac, Yes, I am a novice gardener and just starting out and think the plants we receive for £4.90 are great. I have sent for quite a lot of them over the past year or so and when I have looked at how much I'm saving versus the garden centre its amazing....I mainly send for the bulbs, perennials and I am really pleased with what I have been sent. They have all been in great condition when received and are doing well in the garden as I am writing this....................have a nice day


I've tried finding these offers on-line, but I think I'm not looking in the right places. Could you guys please help out and let me know where I find/send for the freebees?


Theres usually a code in the gardeners world magazine, but the daily mail, sunday mirror, and telegraph also have these offers.  I think its a sprat to catch a mackerel. Once you're on their mailing list, they've got you.

Amateur Gardening mag also has free seeds every week, I only buy it if I want the seeds and at £1.99 you would pay that for the seeds alone. It's also one of the cheapest gardening mags at present and as it come out weekly, you have something to read whilst waiting for the next GW mag to drop through the door. .


e.  - I think the original post was in March last year, so these offers will have expired by now.  However, there is normally something "free" every month.  I nearly always go for them - what have you got to lose .  Have had some really nice plants that way - but you have to be prepared to nurture them from pretty tiny plugs to bigger plants.

hollie hock

I have bought the free Thompson and Morgan perinnals offer in the past, once I got over the shock of how small they were.........they were good plants and some have flowered in their second year, but probably wouldn't buy again because of the postage cost

Woman's weekly website have an offer on in their 'shop' for either free foxgloves or penstemons (click on the 'next' tab and the free offer changes).  So if you're after some foxgloves or penstemons for your garden next year, check it out.  Don't think they'll be big enough to flower this year.

Postage is £4.30 if I remember correctly.  Bought the lavendar from May's issue, but don't really want 3 random clematis.  Wish they'd start offering more fruit or veg plug plants, always send off for those on the few occaisons they're on offer.

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