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Hi I am relatively new to gardening and have stated growing flowers from seeds to save money. Also find it very exciting when I see the first little seedlings appear through the ground. So though I would have a go at growing my mums favourite flower (freesias) to give to her as a birthday present. Ideally would prefer to grow it in a pot as it will be a gift. Can anybody give me any advice on how to grow them in pots etc. Thanks In advance Jem x
hollie hock

Hello Gloucestergirl13, I'm with you on the seed sowing.

I love growing stuff from seed, nothing better than seeing/picking flowers that you have grown.  You can get fantastic volume and great results. I'm in my 2nd year of doing this.

As for freesias, I thought that you buy freesias bulbs rather than seeds. Although I dont have them in my garden. Maybe have a look at bulbs

Hi hollie

It is lovely to watch the seeds you have planted grow & turn into beautiful flowers! Nothing more rewarding.
As for the freesias I have brought some seeds from Thompson-Morgan online but it doesn't give much advice on growing them from seed, just the basic on how to grow them. Am asking because basically my mum has tried growing them but failed so though their must be a knack to it?!

Thanks for the advice on bulbs though will prob do that if seeds fail : )

Jem x

Gloucestergirl you will probably not get flowers for a few years growing from seed, I made the same mistake when I started growing from seed, some plants grown from seed take years to mature. There is often no mention of this on the packet .

I would go for bulbs/corms.


Hi Kate

Thanks for your advice. Will get some bulbs also. Many thanks x

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