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Dordogne Damsel

Quite a few of these little seedlings




popping up in flower bed. I am new to this garden so unsure if it is meant to be there. Looks a bit like sunflower seedlings only much lighter green. Any ideas before they take over or I kill a potentially beautiful specimen?


Cerinthes I think. Are they smooth and fleshy looking?

Could it be borage? Whats that plant in the background?

Cerinthe major purpurascens.

Im hopless, grow that every year, must walk around with my eyes shut!



That's why you fall over bekkie


ah, yes bekkie, could have been that

Dordogne Damsel

Thank you, again, won't be pulling them all up then. Not sure what background plant is, it's very nice and although took a bashing when I first cleared out the bed of bindweed and buttercups has come up really well. Was obviously used as a sort of border/ground cover plant and is spreading well. Neat, compact and pretty. Has a scent but couldn't describe it. Maybe Bluebeard Spirea, but guessing.


I grew cerinthe about 6 years ago I think this year is the first year when I haven't had loads of seedlings coming up. They can persist for quite a while

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