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I would be very grateful for any suggestions as to the id of this plant. It stands over 5 feet high and appeared in my garden this year. I don't know whether to pull it up or be chuffed with it.  It has small prickly round flower heads (I think they're flower heads). Thanks for any comments.





are there more than one type of teasel , mine has spines on the edges of the leaves

Looks like sticky bobs to me.( don't know the correct name), if you touch the heads they stick to your autumn when they go brown if you brush against them they stick on your clothes and are hard to remove. will seed around, they are deep rooted so hard to dig out. can be a thug if not controlled.



Burdock isn't it? Teasel has a bigger more oval head I think.

Pretty sure it's not teasel.

Thanks very much for the replies- is the general consensus to bin it???


Thanks all - pretty sure the plant is burdock


If it is Burdock then rather than binning it, why not investigate the various ways you can eat and drink it.

I know it's wiki but here you go.



Paul N

Sorry, a wrong guess from me.


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