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chilli lover

I would like to have more snakeshead fritillaries and have collected some seed heads as they are not especially spreading left to their own devices. Do I sow now or in the aurumn? Any advice gratefully received as I have not tried sowing these before. Thanks, Janet

Alina W

You should sow them fresh.

I'm surprised that yours aren't self-seeding - mine do it quite readily.

chilli lover

Ok thanks I'll sow them now. Any special treatment required?

Alina W

They need a well-drained compost - one part perlite to two parts compost. Full instructions here - good luck!

chilli lover

That's an excellent link Alina - thank you very much! I'll do it tomorrow.

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I'm going to give that a go too, assuming it's the same procedure for other sorts of fritillaria.

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