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chilli lover

I would like to have more snakeshead fritillaries and have collected some seed heads as they are not especially spreading left to their own devices. Do I sow now or in the aurumn? Any advice gratefully received as I have not tried sowing these before. Thanks, Janet

Alina W

You should sow them fresh.

I'm surprised that yours aren't self-seeding - mine do it quite readily.

chilli lover

Ok thanks I'll sow them now. Any special treatment required?

Alina W

They need a well-drained compost - one part perlite to two parts compost. Full instructions here - good luck!

chilli lover

That's an excellent link Alina - thank you very much! I'll do it tomorrow.

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I'm going to give that a go too, assuming it's the same procedure for other sorts of fritillaria.

Is it too late to plant snakeshead fritillaria bulbs ?


Sadly all the Fritilaria bulbs on sale are dead. They just do not survive being dried out. If you want more as bulbs then best to buy them as growing plants in Spring, or find someone with lots of them and beg fresh bulbs.

As to growing from seed, I posted detailed instructions for them a few weeks back. Mine are just getting big enough to plant out in spring now.

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Thank you for your advice 

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